We are motivated golf enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and forward-thinkers looking to disrupt and problem-solve - shaving a few strokes off everyone's game with cutting-edge, user-friendly products - while also bringing a wave of innovation most in the industry haven't yet contemplated.

Meet the Rad Team

Co-Founder and CEO
Peter Johnson

Visionary leader dedicated to discovering business outcomes that disrupt the market. Passionate about working with people to make an impact. Obsessed with developing, creating, and marketing brands consumers don’t want to live without. Successful at building community through products, technology, and experiences. Adept at identifying trends that become lifestyle essentials.

Co-Founder and CSO
Drew McFarland

Drew is a titan when it comes to connecting people and building brands. Possessing an unwavering determination to succeed, Drew has spent decades conquering multi-faceted roles in marketing, business development, and strategic planning. Drew’s innate talent for building lasting relationships, combined with an unparalleled ability to connect the dots, has paved the way for some truly dynamic business partnerships that deliver both massive revenue and explosive brand exposure.

Scott Harkey

A strategic investor, accomplished marketing guru and new-world businessperson—Scott has worked with some of the biggest brands in the world including Walt Disney Companies, Virgin, Wynn Resorts, Pepsi, Avnet, NHL, Discovery Land Co, Honda, Pixar, & National Geographic just to name a few. He has assumed a CMO role for numerous brands brought under his wing—many of which he’s helped go to market, or successfully took public.

Rafael Rios

Rafael has extensive experience in project and product management, and focuses and being an empowering leader to his teams.He has architected and deployed web3 and blockchain solutions, as well as database, ETL, and workflow automations throughout his career. His long-term goal is to develop and empower his teams in order to deliver the most efficient technical solutions possible to achieve complex business objectives.

Shaun Alexander

A UI and UX specialist with decades of experience helping several major companies create a seamless customer journey. Shaun focuses on simplifying and modernizing brands to elevate a user’s overall experience with the brand. He has raised millions for several companies and helped launch multiple Kickstarter campaigns the raised over $400k for their project. This unique blend of sales and graphic design make him the perfect designer for Rad.

Shay Golosewski

Shay is a results-driven marketing professional with extensive experience in driving revenue growth for emerging brands. With expertise in social media and digital marketing, Shay has a passion for developing creative campaigns that resonate with key audiences, driving sales and building brand loyalty. 

She is committed to promoting the sport of golf and marketing products that make it more accessible and enjoyable for everyone. She’s excited to be part of a new company that is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the golf industry, and is dedicated to seeing their brand succeed through creativity, hard work, and a relentless focus on the customer.

John Deville

Project specialist, tech aficionado, and golf enthusiast. Experienced problem solver for well-known and up-and-coming organizations, including General Electric and The Pokémon Company. John found early success in college leading a profitable mobile development group. Within a year of completing his undergraduate, he’d sold a successful watercraft rental solution for over $1mm. John excels in fast-paced, fluid environments, and is committed to helping organizations like Rad Golf shape the future.

Rad Board of Directors

Scott Harkey

CEO of The Harkey Group

Brian Verdugo

CEO of iGolf

Todd Davis

Former CEO of Lifelock

Tom McDonald

Former President of Yamaha Golf

JJ Dudum

Partner of Discovery Land Co and Casamigos Tequila

Kevin Kunkel

Former President of Sprint/T-Mobile

Peter Johnson

CEO of Rad Golf