Get easy access to important data to improve your decision making during your round. Easily connect with other Rad devices to take your game to a whole other level.

- 40,000+ Courses

- 2D, 3D and Flyover Views

- Sync with Rad Products

- View Round History and Stats


The app is free to download, but most of the premium features are unlocked either buy registering a Rad product on the app or by purchasing the Rad Pass subscription for $49 per year.

Rad Pass is your ticket to shot tracking, career analytics, and on-demand stats for your golf game.

Rad Pass allows you to use all Rad Golf app functionality without needing a Rad Golf device with the added benefit of shot-by-shot tracking. Open up Rad Pass and start improving your game.

Yes. Once you register a device in the app, the Rad Pass features all unlock and will remain free for as long as you own the product.